1. BASIC (COMMUNITY) MEMBERSHIP is free of charge. All community members receive the community communication. Only active members can participate to the different events.

  2. ACTIVE MEMBERS pay a yearly administration fee of 30 EUR to cover the administration for the different events.

  3. In order to participate to the Golf IT United tournaments, golfers need to be an ACTIVE MEMBER OF AN OFFICIAL GOLF CLUB associated to the national golf federation of their country of residence. Belgian golfers have to be associated to the KBGF/FRBG. Dutch golfers have to be associated to the KNGF. Proof of association is required prior to the participation.

  4. Only amateur golfers with an official HCP of 35.9 and lower are ELIGIBLE for participating to the Golf IT United competitions. These are defined as eligible golfers.

  5. The Golf IT United CLUB COMPETITIONS are only open for: eligible golfers working as IT professionals; eligible golfers working as non-IT professionals in IT companies; eligible retired IT professionals; eligible non-IT professionals retired from IT companies; eligible golfers working for or invited by our sponsors and partners; eligible spouses and family members.

  6. The Golf IT United OPEN COMPETITIONS are open for all eligible golfers fulfilling rule 3 plus: eligible golfers invited by Golf IT United members that do not fulfill rule 3; eligible club members of the visited club.

  7. Golf IT United COMMUNITY MEMBERS are all natural persons that are associated to the Golf IT United community via the website, via the social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, by email, by phone, by oral request, by writing, by participating to the different tournaments and contests. All community members automatically receive the community newsletters.

  8. Golf IT United PLAYING MEMBERS are all community members that pay the yearly contribution allowing them to participate to the Golf IT United club and open competitions. All playing members automatically receive the tournament newsletters.

  9. All private information captured while interacting with Golf IT United is subject of the Golf IT United PRIVACY POLICY.

  10. The YEARLY CONTRIBUTION is determined at the beginning of the season and covers the period from January 1 to December 31 of the specified year.

  11. The club competitions are played in 5 CATEGORIES:

    • Men 1: HCP 0 – 15.4 (back tees)
    • Men 2: HCP 15.5 – 22.4 (front tees)
    • Men 3: HCP 22.5 – 35.0 (front tees)
    • Ladies 1: HCP 0 – 22.4 (back tees)
    • Ladies 2: HCP 24.5 – 35.0 (front tees)

    Eligible playing members can only qualify for and potentially play the season’s final in the category in which they started at the beginning of the season.

  12. In general the competitions are played in FLIGHTS OF 3 GOLFERS using the Stableford formula. Sometimes the visited club can enforce some categories to play according the Strokeplay formula. For some club competitions the Golf IT United committee can apply another formula (chapman, 4BBB,…) which will be communicated upfront.

  13. The GOLF IT UNITED COMMITTEE and the committee of the visited club can decide to make the competition counting or qualifying, based upon the conditions of the course.

  14. Qualifying for the final can be done via 2 rankings. The 3 bests scores from the competitions are taken to build the COMPETITION RANKING. The 4 best ranked players per category after the last qualifying competition are qualified to play the season’s final. In case of a TIE: first the amount of competitions played is used to make a distinction (the player with the most competitions played wins); second the scores of the last competitions are compared (the player with the highest score on the last 3, last 2 or last competition wins).

  15. Community members can also CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMMUNITY GROWTH. Based upon their contribution that can earn points (PTS) for the community ranking. Inviting a new members is good for 1 PTS (+2 PTS when the member becomes a paying community member). Ranking a golf course on Leadingcourses.com is good for 1 PTS. Participating to the competitions itself equals 2 PTS per participation. Amongst the top 60 players of the community ranking 20 players will be selected to participate to the final.

  16. When a player is qualified for the final via a PRESENCE IN MULTIPLE RANKINGS, then the player will be replaced in the second ranking by the next non-ranked player. The order of ranking: 1. qualified players from the competition ranking, 2. qualified players from the community ranking.

  17. All community competitions are fully ALIGNED TO THE RULES OF GOLF as written and administered by the R&A, including the Guidance on Running a Competition. Breaching the Rules of Golf during the Golf IT United competitions can be sanctioned by exclusion to all Golf IT United competitions. Excluded members are not entitled for any refund.

  18. During the competitions the committee will introduce ADVANCED DISTANCE-MEASUREMENT AND TRACKING devices that are not yet regulated by the R&A. These devices will be subject of local competition rules; will not breach the R&A Rules of Golf; will be accessible to all players; will only be used to test and demo specific functionalities in live amateur competitions.

  19. All participants are required to PAY A GREEN FEE for the competitions they participate to. The green fees for the Golf IT United competitions are to be paid upfront to the Golf IT United bank account.

  20. Golf IT United members can SUBSCRIBE TO THE COMPETITIONS via the i-Golf account of Golf IT United (Belgian golfers) and via email (non-Belgian golfers). The subscriptions are opened 5 weeks before the start of the competition.

  21. Participants are allowed to CANCEL AN ENROLMENT up to 48 hours before the start of the competition, without additional costs. Late cancellations (less than 48 hours before the start) are subject to a cancellation fee of 25% of the green fee. No shows require the full payment of the green fees.

  22. The Golf IT United committee takes the INDIVIDUAL REQUESTS for the Golf IT United competitions into account while assembling the start list per competition. Requests for shifting between different time blocks are neglected by the committee and are the full responsibility of the players himself.

  23. Whenever the EARLY TIME BLOCKS for the Golf IT United competitions are not fully booked, then all players from the later blocks are moved towards an earlier tee time.

  24. The Golf IT United committee is responsible for the organization of the Golf IT United competitions and the season’s final.

  25. The player with the lowest handicap per flight is responsible for the PACE OF PLAY. Unacceptable delays will be penalized accordingly.

  26. The player with the lowest handicap per flight is also RESPONSIBLE FOR PITCH MARKS. He or she needs to ensure that all pitch marks made by the flight are repaired by the players themselves before leaving the green.

  27. The player with the lowest handicap per flight has to advice of PLAYING A PROVISIONAL BALL whenever there is doubt to find the golf ball of one of the players in his or her flight.

  28. The LONGEST DRIVE and ULTRA DRIVE contests are only valid when the first stroke on that hole ends on the fairway, unless specified in the local rules applicable for the competition in question. In case of doubt the player with the lowest handicap takes the decision. The organizing committee can overrule.

  29. The NEAREST TO THE PIN and double neary / leary contests are only valid when first stroke (nearest to the pin) or second stroke (double neary / leary) on that hole ends on the green, unless specified in the local rules applicable for the applicable competition. In case of doubt the player with the lowest handicap takes the decision. The organizing committee can overrule.